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The Ten Main Aspects of High-quality Suture Material

The Ten Main Aspects of High-quality Suture Material

The ten main aspects of high-quality suture material

Recently the role of suture material in surgery has changed noticeably. For the most operations suture material is almost the only foreign body that is left in the tissues. That's why the reaction of the tissues to the implantation and the results of operations depend on the quality of the material.

The ten main aspects of high-quality suture material.

  1. The suture material should have smooth even surface in order not to damage tissues while pulling the string.
  2. The durability of the string that determines the thickness and the structure of the material. The high-quality suture material allows to use strings of less sizes without threat of quality of stitches.
  3. Atraumatic quality determines its surface behavior, elasticity rigidity and the manner of connection with a needle.
  4. The suture material should have good manipulate and technical characteristics. Among them high durability in different biologically active media, flexibility, the wide range of sizes, the ability to form reliable unit.
  5. The suture material should have good biocompatibility. Biocompatibility means the absence of toxic, allergenic, teratogenic effect on tissues. There are should be no reaction at all to suture material as an ideal.
  6. The suture material shouldn't absorb secretion from the stitch canals and shouldn't clue to their sides.
  7. It is advisable to presence the ability to biodegradation. To biodegradation refer such factors as the time of resolving( the time from the moment of implantation to the full absorption) and retained strength( the ability to keep up the wound in the course of time).
  8. The rates of biodegradation should correspond to the rate of healing the wound.
  9. The material should easily undergo sterilization without losing its quality.
  10. The packaging should have a comfortable marking, preserves the quality of the production and comfortable to opening.
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