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The Main Rules of Operating With the Suture Material

The Main Rules of Operating With the Suture Material

The Main Rules of Operating With the Suture Material

It is necessary for good and fast healing of the sutures, as well as for minimal tissue reaction, not only to have high-quality suture material but to use it correctly either.

Many surgeons make a big mistake when re- sterilize and lately use, in order to economize the funds, the strings with opened or damaged packaging. It is flatly forbidden to do so, even if it is a spoilage in production it's not right to risk somebody's life, it's simple to address the supplier to replace the spoilt suture material.

The second mistake is wrong storage conditions of sterile suture material. It is recommended to keep suture material at 25 degrees C, without the direct action of sun rays in a dry place. It is forbidden to use the suture material with the termination of shelf life.

At suturing the surgeon should be very careful not to prick himself, not to bend and twist the string by other surgical instruments, also to avoid the surface friction with a rubber glove in order not to damage the string.

At suturing or removal of the strings there is no need in pull it very strongly. It is recommended to avoid the suturing at sharp edges of the wound.

The observance of the main regulations of the usage of the suture material as well as the professionalism and the experience of the surgeon guarantee the maximum effectiveness of the work.

In its turn medical company "VOLOT" is ready to offer high-quality suture material at acceptable prices.

Biocompatibility, biodegradation and atraumatic are the three main factors at choosing suture material.

Recently the quality of the native suture material has become not worse than the foreign one, sometimes it is even better. The transportation and payment of taxes are cheaper, you can economize on everything! You shouldn't forget about the quality of the suture material, because it deals with the life and health of people.

In the modern world there are 3 things that should be taken into account at the choosing of suture material: biocompatibility, biodegradation and atraumatic. These qualities of suture material have great importance for healing the post postoperative wound.

With good biocompatibility of the suture material there should be no toxicity, allergic reaction, teratogenic action. It means that the string should positively and effectively cooperates with human body without causing any side actions.

The second aspect is biodegradation - the ability of suture material to absorb shouldn't exceed the speed of scarring.

The attendant factors of a high-quality string are good elasticity and flexibility and the method of connection with the needle. The ideal variant is then the diameter of the string coincides with the diameter of the needle. Moreover not the string itself should be durable, but the unit should be reliable either.

That's why medical company "VOLOT" organizes the marketing action "free specimen product". The company prefer to have trust relationship with customers and is ready to offer its production for approbation. Our unique technology of producing suture material is a worthy competitor to foreign companies. We provide our customers with highg quality and enjoy our customers confidence.

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