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Home Information Five Main Myths of Plastic Surgery

Five Main Myths of Plastic Surgery

Five Main Myths of Plastic Surgery

Five Main Myths of Plastic Surgery

  1. Boundless opportunities of plastic operations. Plastic operations are aimed to elimination of inborn or acquired defects, also for deformation for the better. At such operations the individual state of the patient should be take in consideration first of all. Now the advertising of plastic surgery is widespread. Only 30% of the advertisements are realistic. The rest 70% simply mislead people. And the photos of famous photomodels and your idols more often is the result of work of experienced designer and have nothing in common with plastic surgery.
  2. Traceless operations. The obscurity of postoperative surgical suture depends much on the quality of suture material, peculiarities of the body, the place of suturing and observance of postoperative rules by patients. One more important aspect is the right direction of cuts. Not good quality of strings for plastic surgery can cause negative reaction in human body. For every kind of operations there are some suture recommended. Postoperative removal of scars is almost impossible.
    Many things depend on the surgeon either. If you work with inexperienced young specialist you can easily regret your choice.
  3. The modelling of postoperative results an give the full conception of the consequence of the operation. To predict the trustworthy result of the operation is unreal. The modelling of postoperative results gives the comprehension of the aim of the operation, but more often leaves the illusions that can affect you.
  4. Every operation can be done for endless times. The ideal variant is to reach the aim at the first time. After every operation the scar tissue is getting more " coarse" that causes longer and less effective healing because of worse blood supply.
  5. Plastic operations always proceed in the way the surgeon and the patient want. It is a mistake. Plastic operations don't always proceed in the way the surgeon and the patient want. In particular it concerns minor surgery. To correct the insignificant deformation of nose is more difficult than to correct more significant deformation. There can be many reasons such as bad skin elasticity, heightened bleeding sickness of tissues, scar changes in the place of operation and many other factors. That's why your desire to be operated should be mature but not momentary.

In this article we don't want to underestimate the ability of plastic surgery. Now it has almost boundless opportunities. You should just take your decision seriously. Be vigilant the postoperative result depends much on the quality of the suture material. The basis of the policy of medical company "VOLOT" form the broad assortment, moderate prices, and the main point is high quality of the suture material. All the rest depends on the choice of the clinic and the peculiarities of your organism.

Don't economize on the quality, moreover if your beauty depends on it.

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