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Home Information The Usage of Polypropylene in Medicine.

The Usage of Polypropylene in Medicine.

The Usage of  Polypropylene in Medicine.

The chemical of polypropylene showed that it is able to occupy an important place in medicine.



For example biologically inert polypropylene mono string causes minimal tissue reaction of the organism, don't undergo destruction and hydrolysis under the action of physiologically active medium and products of vital functions of the body, keeps the durability and elasticity for many years in the human body. Polypropylene monofilament has anti-thrombosis characteristics, a perfectly smooth covering, a very low effect of rubbing and high biocompatibility, that provides atraumatics and excellent cosmetic effect. They are very flexible, reliably hold unit, have a low roughness of a surface. They are issued painted in blue colour. Polypropylene monofilament is applied in cardiovascular surgery and general surgery, at implantations of mitral valves, prosthesis of vessels, sinews, skin, pancreas, bile-ducts, the alimentary canal, in plastic and cosmetic surgery, operations on blood vessels and glands. Polypropylene is applied at all the cases demanding long fixation of the edges of the operative wound.

The high durability at the temperature more than 100 C enables to use polypropylene in manufacturing frames for inhalers that can resist mineral water used in inhalations.

There was the need in not-expensive disposable syringes in medical practice. These syringes necessary in the case of car crash, act of God, and as obligatory equipment in field first-aid sets. In all that cases they have more advantages to glass syringes that are heavier and more expensive. That's why it is necessary to replace glass with easier and cheaper materials, plastic in particular. Taking into account that in that case physiological innocence and the possibility of hot sterilization (or chemical at room temperature) are of primary importance it becomes clear that few modern materials can be used here, among them polypropylene occupies an important place. It should be noted that before polyethylene and polystyrene were used for such purposes.

Plastic syringes together with medicinal solution and injection needles are packed in a polypropylene or a polyethylene pellicle. At hot sterilization the polyethylene pellicle deforms that's why it is sterilized with ethylenoxide or ionizing radiation.

Syringes made of polypropylene are of a good quality ( it doesn't get lower at sterilization for many times at temperature up to 130 C), they don't break, the production of polypropylene itself is cheap enough, so abroad it is suggested to replace usual glass syringes used in medicine. Also important that the technology of producing polypropylene syringes is simple than that of glass.

Polypropylene is used in the production of outdoor advertising, in building, packages and furniture. Polypropylene occupies an important place in medicine: suture surgery, the production of inhalers, syringes and other medical equipment.

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