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Home Information The Development of Medical Facilities and Medical Technology in Russia and in the World.

The Development of Medical Facilities and Medical Technology in Russia and in the World.

The Development of Medical Facilities and Medical Technology in Russia and in the World.

The Development of Medical Facilities and Medical Technology in Russia and in the World

Today the medicine in Russia develops rapidly. The using technology demonstrates the high rate of growth. Quite often different exhibition and conferences take place, they are devoted to the development of the medicine on the whole and medical facilities in Russia. Rapidly develops today the surgical technique - Russia can be proud of its results either!

The modern surgery has reached the unprecedented height and in many respects rapid specialization helped it. It should be mentioned that the best results of the most complicated operations on heart, vessels, lungs, liver reached only thanks to really high-quality medical facilities and suture material. Meanwhile, the general level of surgery is determined not by separate, even the most significant achievements of academic institutes but the quality of every-day work of usual surgeons.

Active general introduction of modern technologies changing the modern surgery takes place. It can be referred to diagnostics as well as treatment of patients. The break in the computer technology and construction of vision systems allows to create new highly informative diagnostic methods and improve the technology of conducting the operation. Standard rontgenologic, endoscopic and ultrasonic researches fall into the category of routine methods. Helical computer-aided tomography, last years multiplanar computer-aided tomography took the place of high-resolution tomography. Helical computer-aided tomography opened up possibilities to create three-dimensional images, so called 3-D images. Computer angiography became the most informative method of diagnostics of pulmonary embolism. Positron emission tomography allows to diagnose cancerous lesion of lymph nodes with the diameter less than 1sm. Optical coherent tomography has spatial resolution 1-2 times much as ultrasound and makes it real to get two-dimensional image of the optical cut of living tissues in real-time operation mode. Thus, appeared the possibility of intraoperative optical tissue biopsy with resolution close to histological one that helps to determine more exactly the bounds of tumor growth and without ablation of lymph nodes judge about metastases.

The application to clinical practice the echocardiographic methods of heart examination three-dimensional display allows to get the unprecedented progress in topical diagnostics of valvular heart pathology. Cardiosurgery has the possibility to scrutinize the mitral valve he is interested in from the different sides in real time on the contractile heart, to get the information that exceeds even the intraoperative one, since the surgeon works when the heart is stopped and sees it from the only one point.

The appearance of new diagnostic methods and high-quality medicinal equipment goes together with the fusion of the existing ones. Endoscopic ultrasonography joins together the possibilities of both methods and allows with high credibility value to diagnose the intramural spread of tumorous process and presence of metastatic changed lymph nodes. Endoscopic methods are used in cardiosurgery, traumatic surgery, vascular surgery.

Extremely valuable is the common tendency of moving to noninvasive analysis, in particular, to ultrasonic that can be used on an outpatient basis. Angiography was regarded before as the "golden" standard in diagnosis vessels lesion but now duplex scintiangiography took that place. At the same time it should be noted that high quality of angiography is possible when it is used by a specialist working in that sphere.

Medical company "VOLOT" can be also proud, as one of the leading producers of medical equipment, in particular suture material and endoprosthesis. Our company has reached good results. OOO "VOLOT" supplies with suture material of high quality the leading hospitals in Russia, among them the Russian Main Military Medical Department. Today our factory produces more than 3000000 sterile sets a year, and the amount can be increased.

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