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Cellular Endoprostheses

Cellular Endoprostheses

Cellular Endoprostheses

Endoprosthesis is a not-resolving gauze for recovery surgery made of biologically inert polypropylene monostrings. Monostrings don't resorb and don't lose their durability and flexibility under the under the influence of interstitial tissue fluid.

Endoprostheses are applied in abdominal surgery(operations on front abdominal wall after herniotomy and tumors removal), thoracic surgery(by injuries of the chest wall and the also a diaphragm) and also in operations on soft tissues. As the result os their usage the effectiveness of the treatment increases, the frequency of relapse lows and the rehabilitation period shortens.

Surgical treatment of postoperative ventral hernia remains the issue of the day in surgery. From the beginning of the 80-ies last century doctors started to operate with the special equipment hernias from the side of the abdominal cavity without a cut. On application of the traditional methods the amount of relapses remains very high - up to 60%. Recently endoprostheses are applied in such operations. The frequency of relapse after this treatment reduces to 2-5%.

At the fisrt closing of big defects by constriction of tissues usually appear necrosis of the tissue and suppurative inflammation.

The implanted endoprosthesis holds the edges in fixed position and serves as the frame for growing connective tissue in. The gauze strengthens soft tissues and impart them extra durability after and during the period of healing.

Endoprosthesis should have the following characteristics:
  • Elasticity, that allows to preserve the integrity and shape of surrounding tissues;
  • Inertness to reduce host reaction, allergic reaction and infection;
  • The sizes of cells should be enough for growing in;
  • Stimulation of the growing of fibroblasts;
  • Durability in order tp preserve the development of early relapses.

Company "VOLOT" produces endoprostheses PTP and DP that meet the just listed requirements. Cellular endoprosthesis PTP is made of polypropylene monostrings with the thickness of 1.2 mm - PTP 62 g/m2 and PTP 34 g/m2. The endoprosthesis DP is also made of polypropylene monostrings 0.12 mm, though the thickness is 74 g/m2. The both endoprostheses have the unique kinds of wicker-work: flat( PTP) and double(DP) wicker. Endoprostheses causes minimal tissue reaction and keep their durability during the whole life of the patient.

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