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A scar is Not an Advantage

A scar is Not an Advantage

A scar is Not an Advantage.

In old times of medieval chivalry, against widespread mistake, the scars testified not to the fact of military valour but to insufficient ability of usage of the weapon. Today nobody is proud of the scars either, just on the contrary everybody tries to get rid of them. The appearance of the scar is usually caused as a result of the reaction of acid with alkali, after car crashes and the chief thing - almost every time then the low-quality suture material is used.

Every scar is individual. There are no iterant scars! Little depends on the doctor, because the technology used by all the doctors is almost the same. Really effective methods of scar removal exist only in some clinics, we can be proud that one of them is in Russia.

Many methods of scar removal just on the contrary intensify the consequences. Instead of your small scar a big evident scar- spot appears.

For many analyses and observations of the statistics reveals that many widespread methods of healing scars aren't good for your health and beauty.

Cryodestruction is categorically unacceptable when the scar tissue is destroyed by liquid nitrogen. Other method that should be avoided is so called buki-therapy. Keloid cicatrix (the scar raising above the skin very often with veins ) shouldn't be excise because it will grow bigger. No matter what modern laser beam technology for treatment of scars the doctor will advise you, please be watchful if the doctor doesn't advise you to pass drug therapy beforehand. And to sum it all - don't postpone the treatment though many doctors of old school advise it.

A really good quality method is removal of scars with injections and laser. The main method if it is keloid cicatrix is the administration of the hormonal agent, destroying the structure of the scar, making it soft and smooth. Then the doctor works with a laser. At the last stage phytopigmented laser "paints" the scar to the normal colour of the skin.

It sounds quite simple but in reality it is very difficult and requires big suns of money. In order not to have such problems appeared medical company "VOLOT" - the leader on the market of suture materials.

For many years our company occupies the leading positions on Russian market of suture materials. The high quality of our production, reached due to modern technologies and many years manufacturing experience, favours to it. We aim at maximum usage of our inner resources in order to improve the quality of our services and reach the best results in work.

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