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Production atraumatic needles, surgical sutures


Health Protection of Mother and Child 2008
Health Protection of Mother and Child 2008

From the 30st of September up to the 2nd of October in Moscow the 4th Congress of obstetrician-gynecologists of Russia and the international exhibition “ Health Protection of Mother and Child 2008” take place.

С 29.09.2008 по 01.10.2008

Medicine of Beauty – 2008
Medicine of Beauty – 2008

From the 1st up to the 7th of June in Ekaterinburg the 3rd international exhibition on plastic surgery and cosmetology «Medicine of Beauty – 2008» takes place within the bounds of the 5th international course of plastic surgery.

С 31.05.2008 по 06.06.2008
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Production and sale of surgical suture material from the manufacturer, atraumatic needles for surgery, surgical threads.
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