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Atraumatic needles with surgery threads (sterile)

A set of atraumatic needle with absorbable or non-absorbable thread is called atraumatic. Atraumatic needles are appropriate for all surgery areas, especially for cardiovascular surgery. Company “Volot” produces round, cutting, taper point needles with different surgery threads.

In surgery are used atraumatic needles which differ so that a thread is a straight continuation of needle, at that needle is used just during one operation. It is because non-atraumatic needle during its passing throw tissues creates a rough traumatic channel which is much bigger than a thread size.

Sets of atraumatic needles with surgery sutures are produced in one and two needles performance. Also we can produce straight needles for atraumatic sets. Company “Volot” produces round, cutting and taper point needles with surgery threads.

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