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Company "VOLOT" was established in 1990. Its main purpose is realizing developments made by leading Russian scientists in the area of needle and high-precision technologies, such as getting needles ultrapure surface, getting ion-vacuum colored surfaces, getting three-stage sensitive sharpening and realization especially solid interlocks of surgical sutures with needles.

We manufacture atraumatic needles according to the unique native technology that has more than 110 years experience in producing needles in Russia. This technology contains advanced manufacturing sciences in metal working, packaging and sterilization.

Whole process of manufacturing is realized on one production space with indissoluble production cycle. We constantly introduce new equipment and new workflows, and it improves our products quality, that is used by Medical Center under Russian Federation Presidents Administrative Department, by different Ministries and Departments, as well as regional departments, hospitals and clinics.

"Volot" inc. manufactures sets of atraumatic needles with different surgical sutures for medical establishment's satisfaction in sterile atraumatic suture materials. Our production is certified and permitted for application in cardiovascular surgery and general surgery by Russian Federation Ministry of Public Health.

Needle sets were tested in different Russian clinics including MONIKI, Cardiovascular Institute named by Bakulev, Institute named by Vishnevskiy.

During 5 years we supply our production directly to Medical Center under the Russian Federation Presidents Administrative Department, the Russian Main Military Medical Department, Moscow Area Institute named by Vladimirskiy, regional hospitals, Institutes and clinics. Also we have many customers among Moscow clinics and hospitals.

The needles are manufactured under "Volot"s trademark. Our factory locates in dormitory Bogucharovo in Tula region. Our capacity now is more than 3 millions sterile sets per year and in case of need we can increase this number.

Flexible production system allows permitting manufacturing of the production in a wide range according to customer's request. Now we produce more than 17000 different sterile sets including one-needle sets and two-needle sets with thread length 25, 50, 75, 150 cm. As well as sterile sets above-listed threads without needles (ligature) with different thread length. It lets us to keep leading place among Russian manufactures of surgical sutures.

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